Bartender (Monkey Bar)

Job Description

How does your working day look like …

You’ll take care of our guests – hand in glove with your colleagues, and from early till late
You’ll get everything ready for the shift, and take care to ensure that it’s all cleared away again afterwards
You’ll work independently, even when the going is hectic and your feet hurt and you’ll help, serve, mix drinks.
You’ll help out wherever things are the most hectic, and every day you’ll learn something new
You’ll know all the bar and menu products (preparation instructions)
You’ll manage the stocks and setup for the bar in line with brand standards
You’ll serves guests at the bar, organising his/her work to suit fluctuations in numbers
You’ll apply the procedures for opening and closing a point of sale

Your personality counts more than your CV …

You’ve completed a hotel & catering course, and have gained experience in a bar
You can motivate your fellow staff and take joint responsibility for planning staff duties and organising the bar.
You’re keen to work in a bar and gain your first experience there.
You’re not just bringing your abilities, but also your character
Additional Information
What’s in it for you …

Get to know all the other 25hours hotels and stay ten nights a year for free as an employee!
Take advantage of being part of Ennismore and get generous discounts when visiting our bars and restaurants as well as booking hotel rooms all over the world
Benefit from great offers from our numerous cooperation partners
Be part of our hilarious staff parties and much more…