Payroll Supervisor cum General Cashier

Job Description

  1. Must be self-motivated, have a high degree of confidentiality and analytical ability, and work in a safe, prudent, and organized manner.
  2. Calculate and review the staff payroll and other settlements in HRMS ensuring accuracy by reviewing the various elements such as attendance, earnings, and deductions.
  3. Ensure payroll data is entered on a timely basis and submission of payroll to the management meeting the monthly calendar.
  4. Knowledgeable in providing analytical reports related to the staff payroll as required by the managers (HR and Finance).
  5. Ensure full compliance with the local laws and regulations of the country (UAE Labour Law) and commit to following the corporate policies and procedures.
  6. Assist the department in the month-end closure process preparing journals for the accounting software and ensuring reconciliation of ledgers like advances, vacations, indemnity, ticket service charges, accrued salaries, tips, AIP Ex-com, and sales Incentives periodically.
  7. Assist the department head in the preparation of their payroll budgets, and in analyzing their payroll variances.
  8. Communicate and resolve queries for all departments on any issues related to their staff payroll.
  9. Ensure the employee information is incorporated properly in the HRMS system and notify any discrepancies to human resources.
  10. Provide all or any reports to human resources on requests related to outstanding settlements or other valid reports related to the payroll system.
  11. Count and verify the daily cash deposits from the individual cashiers, deposit the same promptly, resolve any discrepancies with the service provider or bank, and possess excellent cash handling skills.
  12. Reconcile all cash receipts with the PMS system, and prepare the daily GC report and submission daily for approval from managers.
  13. Provide monetary change to personnel with hotel cash float and issue due backs to cashiers as and when required. Maintain adequate change in the GC float, ensure daily closure of cash, and ensure third-party audit periodically on the GC float.
  14. Prepare and maintain the over/short reports/logs by cashiers daily and forward them to the chief accountant at the month-end.
  15. Disburse petty expenses to the department adhering to the hotel policies and procedures.
  16. Participate in hotel float audits frequently along with the income auditor in the presence of the float owner and report all discrepancies to and submit the summary to the DOF and CA.
  17. Assist in cashier training and be available as needed to support cashiers in resolving problems related to cash handling.
  18. Strictly adhere to hotel guidelines for cash handling, disbursement, and cheque encashment procedures.
  19. Ensure that currency exchange gains/losses are posted and all foreign currencies and cheque proceeds are deposited on a timely basis.
  20. professionally conduct yourself at all times to reflect the high standard of the brand.
  21. To perform any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the DOF or Chief Accountant.
  22. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule to accomplish all major responsibilities and task.




  1. Minimum 3 years of previous experience handling the position at a supervisory level
  2. Proficient in Oasys HRMS, MS Office applications, and Sun System.
  3. Preferably familiar with other hospitality software and operating systems.
  4. An acceptable degree from any recognized university with a specialization in commerce or accounting.
  5. Strong knowledge of UAE Labour law and ability to work independently managing priorities.