Reservation Agent (Russian Speaker)

Job Description


1.1.1 Have a thorough knowledge of the entire hotel services and facilities
1.1.2 Answer inquiries of room rates, outlets and room locations.
1.1.3 To be totally familiar with all aspects of the reservation systems
1.1.4 Handle all reservation requests using good listening and communication skills to secure information necessary to complete a reservation
1.1.5 Post advance deposits and keep accurate records of deposits.
1.1.6 Process rooming lists and group blocks and indicate special requests and billing procedures
1.1.7 File and process reservations correspondence, make certain all files are current and in order.
1.1.8 Have knowledge of Front desk, Sales and Accounts departments and how they relate to the Reservations department.
1.1.9 Abide by the hotels policies and procedures
1.1.10 Be familiar with changes in the rates and group enquiries
1.1.11 Complete daily shift task list and aid others
1.1.12 To be aware of inventory management and keep a constant check on the room types available throughout the day
1.1.13 To have an understanding of departmental goals and projections for average rate and occupancy
1.1.14 Accommodate and document special requests in an accurate and efficient manner.
1.1.15 Determine the most appropriate room type to meet guest requirements and maximize room rate.
1.1.16 Explain guarantee and cancellation policies to callers.
1.1.17 Describe room accommodations and benefit feature sale amenities to guests.
1.1.18 Use sales techniques when assisting guests in making reservations, including personalizing calls, obtaining complete guest needs, suggesting alternate dates or directing guests to sister properties on sold out days.
1.1.19 Answer guest questions about property facilities/services (e.g., hours of operation, room availability, restricted dates, rates and room types, packages, promotions, entertainment, restaurants, special events).
1.1.20 Assign confirmation/cancellation numbers and clearly relay this information to callers, giving them the option of emailing and/or faxing these numbers.
1.1.21 Identify guest reservation needs by asking open-ended questions to obtain all necessary information
1.1.22 Follow “up selling” techniques and sales strategies in order to maximize property revenue.
1.1.23 Identify repeat guests using appropriate codes
1.1.24 Any other duties as may reasonably be requested by the management team including assistance for large events or hotel functions.
1.1.25 Carry out any other reasonable task (which may not be stated here) as requested.
1.1.26 Assist in Task Force Teams for new openings.


Minimum one year experience with the same position in a 5 star hotel
and high school degree.

Additional Information

Competitive Salary and Compensation:
Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi may offer a competitive salary that reflects the industry standards for similar positions.
Training and Development Opportunities:
Access to training programs and development opportunities to enhance skills and advance within the company.
Career Advancement:
Opportunities for career growth and advancement within the Rixos Hotels group.
Health and Wellness Benefits:
Comprehensive health insurance coverage.
Employee Recognition Programs:
Recognition programs to acknowledge and reward outstanding performance and dedication.
Work-Life Balance:
Policies and practices that promote a healthy work-life balance, including flexible scheduling where possible.
Uniforms and Dress Code:
Provision of uniforms or dress code guidelines for a professional and cohesive appearance.
Social Events and Activities:
Participation in social events, team-building activities, and employee gatherings to foster a positive work culture.
Transportation Services:
Transportation services.
Employee Wellness Programs:
Wellness programs, such as fitness classes or gym access, to promote a healthy lifestyle.